Knowing more strongly than ever before how valuable our health is and also the chance to be able to do what we love, I am very humble and happy at the same time that it was possible for me to return to the track again for the German Championships.

I am so grateful for having these amazing horses that did so much for me even after a 3-months-long break while I was away from riding. Takk fyrir: Bassi, Byr, Eldir, Elfa, Ísöld, Kjalar and Vörður. ❤️

Thank you for all your lovely messages and nice words throughout what started as a challenging road to recovery but what turned out to be tremendous motivation.

My loyal sponsors and partners who have stuck with me in this difficult year also have my gratitude, their companionship means a lot to me and their generosity is greatly appreciated.

And of course this would all not have been possible without my family and team who were supporting me at the competition itself and also taking good care of everything at home. I‘m so happy and thankful to have you!